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We are the No. 1 UPS repair training in Rajajinagar offering numerous courses for candidates interested in UPS repair training. Join us as we provide one of the best UPS repair training. We are the foremost UPS repair training ing providers and industry experts.

Enroll today for UPS repair training in Bangalore. Our entire course syllabus is simplified such that even a matriculate can grasp the concepts.

 Basic Electronic Foundation
 Electrical and Electronic Components and Circuits
 Introduction to Inverters , Stand-By and UPS Power Supply
 Typical Sand-By and UPS Power Supply
 Diffrerent Types and Detail study of off-Line and On-Line Inverter. Principle, Construction, Operation and Use of SMPS ( Switch Mode Power Supply ) Inverters, Different types and Utility.
 Circuit of different SMPS, Inverters and UPS Commonly used: 12W, 45W, 100W.
 UPS 45W to 6KW.
 Take home 45W UPS capable of Driving 3 CFL or 6 LED Bulbs with Battery ( Kit will
be given to each Student they have to assemble and take home at free of cost ).
 Tools and Kits Given free of cost at the time of joining