• This is the oldest Institution, of its kind in the Country, has been established way back in the year 1968.
  • We have greater teaching experience in the field of our specialization over a period of half a cenutry.
  • Our unique method of teaching “Auto guide 3-Tier”, exclusively used by us, is practically simple for even a layman to follow.
  • Since we have alliances with popular handset manufacturers and importers, we get first hand information regarding circuitry, repair-hints, also access to up-to-date software resources. Our win-win unique training venture in mobile phone servicing rightly reflects research, latest technology and quality.
  • Our Win-Win Unique training venture in technical servicing skill rightly reflects research, latest technology and quality.
  • Only IPF SKILL GATE gives the best possible training in a “full measure” , so also the need to enroll for the advance diploma course in mobile phone technology (complete software for high-end phones ).
  • Even after the training students get life time technical support to clarify their critical doubts.

Our Specialty:

  • We have  chip-level hardware servicing course for desktop, elsewhere not available. Besides, our chip-level servicing for both desktop and laptop courses are highly appreciated, as it covers thorough pin-pointed fault finding with short cut methods making our graduates super-specialty technicians sought-after by people.
  • Advanced mobile software training covers the entire software and flashing techniques  of high-end phones elsewhere not available, which makes our graduates one-step-ahead of others.