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  • Basic Electronic Foundation
  • Electrical and Electronic Components and Circuits
  • LCD / LED Television, DVD and Modern Audio System and their repair and servicing technology:
  1. Basic Electrical and Electronic Foundation
  2. Transmission and Reception principle of television
  3. Principle of Operation of television
  4. Typical LCD and LED Television Circuit
  5. Section by Section Circuit Analysis
  6. Power Supply Section
  7. Antenna Section
  8. RF Section
  9. Video And Audio Output section.
  10. Principle and function of LCD and LED Display.
  • Circuit Variation of LCD and LED Television
  1.                 Circuit analysis of different popular makes and models of LCD / LED Television currently used.
  • Practicles :
  1. Common faults and Rectification practice of LCD and LED Television
  • Modern Audio and Sound Engineering Technology :
  1. DVD, Amplifiers, Home Theater, SUB- Woofer System their circuit analysis, Operation construction and their common fault and rectification practice
  • Tools and kits given free of cost at the time of joining