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The marriage of Human Resources with technology is set to get even stronger, as industry experts predict core disruptions for the future. Deloitte recently published its report titled “HR Technology Disruptions for 2017” and the study indicates some very glaring changes in the near future. Of course, the underlying objective will be that people management […]

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Relexer Cellphone

Relexer CellphoneDesigner Lu Yin has designed a mobile phone called “Relexer”. As its name suggest it also function as a medical gadget to review the health of the users. Integrating a thermometer that can be worn around the wrist like a bracelet, the cell phone measures the temperature and other drastic discrepancies in the body.

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The Smartphone’s Future: It’s All About the Camera

But it’s too soon to write off our smartphones as boring. The gadgets are still evolving with new technologies. And for a clue as to what the smartphone of the future might look like, turn your attention to the device’s cameras and the software and sensors that make them tick.


Here’s a peek into how the […]

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Breakthrough in molecular data storage could lead to 100 times higher density

Researchers at the University of Manchester have shown that magnetic hysteresis is possible in individual molecules at -213°C. This proves that storing data with single-molecule magnets is more feasible than previously thought, and could theoretically give 100 times higher density than current technologies.

From smartphones to supercomputers, the growing need for smaller and more energy efficient […]

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The optical illusion that could protect your passcodes

The optical illusion that could protect your passcodes: Researchers reveal keypad that looks different if someone looks over your shoulder

The app aims to combat ‘shoulder-surfing’: Someone looking at another’s screen
It uses a hybrid-image keyboard that appears one way to the close-up user
But to an observer three feet away or more, the screen […]

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The Blue Whale Game (Russian: Синий кит, Siniy kit) also “Blue Whale Challenge”, is an Internet “game” that is claimed to exist in several countries. The game allegedly consists of a series of tasks assigned to players by administrators during a 50-day period, with the final challenge requiring the player to commit suicide. The term “Blue Whale” comes from the phenomenon of beached whales, […]

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Bracelet Phone ConceptDesigner Tao Ma has designed an inimitably different concept phone that has got the looks of a bracelet. The shiny gizmo vibrates when you receive a message and you can read the text by taking the bracelet off the wrist and pressing its precious looking keys.


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MOTOROLA Yuxa From Eco-Friendly Materials

Mexican designer Veronica Eugenia Rodriguez Ortiz created the Yuxa wearable cell phone concept. This is an eco-friendly phone featuring an OLED display and rechargeable battery, plus an innovative means of communication.

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Motorola Sparrow

Motorola Sparrow

Motorola has come up with a new concept of Motorola Sparrow. A concept conceived to provide retail stores with a mobile point of sale device. The Motorola Sparrow is an all-in-one device that combines a scanner, RFID, point of sale (POS) system, communication and credit card reading capabilities. Equipped with touch sensitive areas, the […]

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NEC’s “Tag” Phone Concept

NEC’s “Tag” Phone ConceptAn intriguing concept from NEC Design, this Tag Soft-Shell Mobile Phone shows how cumbersome carrying a phone in your pocket can be. Made of rubbery “shape-memorizing” material, the tag will and twist at your command.

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